• A contestant must be 13 to 17 years of age at the time of entry, but must not be 18 on or before the International Finals and must furnish a notarized birth certificate at time of entry.

• A contestant must be a U.S. citizen or a resident of the State represented for more than 30 days or a Citizen or resident of the Country represented for more than 30 days.

• A contestant must be born female, single, never divorced or had a marriage annulled, or have children.

• A contestant must have or maintain a good school attendance with passing grades and a good character. Last report card or transcript must be submitted.

• A contestant must have a youthful, teenage appearance and in good health.

• A contestant must furnish all garments required for participation in the contest as outlined in the following competition segments. All garments must be in good taste as determined by HJTTI Headquarters.


• There is a minimum of a $100 scholarship which is set for prizes.

• HJTTI Directors sponsoring contests are responsible for providing the winners of such contests with round trip transportation and accommodations, meals and incidentals, as well as an adult chaperon of the HJTTI Director's choice for participation in the International Finals. Parents are only responsible for out-of-pocket expenses.

• A contestant should participate in all activities of the contest.

• At the time of entry, a contestant must not be signed to any management contract, nor enter into such contract while participating in a contest, and must not enter into or hold a title to any other contest.

• If the contestant whose name appears on this application is declared the winner or 1 st runner up in International Finals, she agrees not to sign any contractual agreement with anyone and will not give written, verbal or photographic endorsement of any mercantile or commercial organization for the year of her reign, without the written permission of Hal Jackson, the Youth Development Foundation or HJTTI Headquarters.

• No contest winner shall use the contest title without the written permission of the contest director.

• Contestant gives permission to the contest, the Youth Development Foundation, Inc. and/or Hal Jackson Productions and its licensees, the television production company and its stations sponsors and publicity representatives of all concerned, to use her photographic likeness, voice and service A gratis in connection with the contest, including any subsequent recorded or timed excerpts of the contest for commercial purposes.

• Contestant agrees that any conduct on her part at any time, which in the eye of any TTI Director will discredit the good image of the contest shall result in the contestant's immediate dismissal from all contest activities, and forfeiture of all rights, titles, fees and gifts connected thereto.

• Contestant hereby releases the contest, Hal Jackson, HJTTI and the Youth Development Foundation, Inc., the sponsoring organization and their assigns, and the television production company from any activities of any and all claims for damages or injuries which may be sustained while participating in any activities of any contest or during her reign as the winner or first runner up.

20 POINTS Judges are looking for a youthful teenage appearance.

Contestants will wear a long youthful pastel color evening gown (no ALL white, red, brown, beige, black, navy, dark purple, gold, silver or sequins), pastel color shoes (heels no higher than 2 inches). Gowns should not be low cut, strapless, backless, off the shoulder, sleeveless or shoulder less.

15 POINTS Contestant gives their name, age, city, state or country; outlines achievements in school, social, civic or community activities and plans for the future projecting good public speaking ability all done within 20 seconds.

Youthful daytime attire, either dresses, skirts, suits, short pants (no short-shorts) or other attire as indicated by TTI Director or their designees.

40 POINTS This judging segment is looking for singing, dancing, recitations or dramatic readings in good taste, instrumentalists, magicians, acrobatics or gymnasts. Modeling is not acceptable.

Material performed shall be in good taste (beware of mature or offensive song lyrics) and cannot exceed 2 minutes. Fire acts are not allowed. Instruments and any labor charges connected with transporting such instruments shall be the responsibility of the contestant. Contestants are responsible for providing talent props, musical instruments and any equipment necessary to perform their talent.

• Appropriate under garments shall be worn with all attire.

• A contestant who has been crowned as a State or Country winner or representative cannot re-enter any Hal Jackson's Talented Teens International Scholarship Competition again, nor can a member of the immediate family of a TTI Director enter this contest due to conflicting interests and ensuing difficulties. If there is an entrant, the contestant will be disqualified and the sponsor loses all rights under the existing contract.

• The contestants named as International Winners agree to enter the college of their choice immediately upon graduation from High School. Said Winners will forfeit their scholarship If for any reason they do not enter College the first semester after graduation from high school and do not maintain a 2.5 GPA or above.

• If the contestant whose name appears on this application is declared the International Winner or first runner up, it is agreed that a chaperon of the choice of HJTTI shall accompany the winner when fulfilling her commitments where she will be met by said chaperon. In this regard said winner's parents or legal guardians agree to furnish transportation to and from the winners city airport.

• If the contestant whose name appears on this application is declared the International Winner or runner up, the contestant and TTI will agree upon cultural and educational activities in which she will participate during the year of her reign.


  Jacquelin Harris ~ 2010  
  Briyana Guadalupe ~ 2009  
  Amirah Garwood ~ 2008  
  Naomi Rahn ~ 2007  
  Raquel Winchester ~ 2006  
  Esonica Veira ~ 2005  
  Nicola Dalrymple ~ 2004  
  Tatiana McConnico ~ 2003  
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