Promoting Culture and Education through the Performing Arts.

Hal Jackson's Talented Teens International (HJTTI) Scholarship Competition is a non-profit tax-exempt organization, under the auspices of the Youth Development Foundations, Inc. It was created to promote diversity and intercultural relations and presents innovative training and musical programs with educational and travel opportunities.

HJTTI awards scholarships to young ladies 13 to 17 years of age to assist with their college education. The program is open to all ethnic groups with an emphasis on diversity and intercultural awareness to foster and develop their leadership skills and artistic talents. HJTTI assists in building self-esteem and self-confidence through encouragement and exposure to different aspects of the performing arts.

The ladies participate in various training sessions and are critiqued in categories demonstrating academic intelligence, talent and stage presence. Community-minded individuals and organizations, who volunteer their time and services, conduct HJTTI programs within urban and rural communities across the United States, and abroad.


  Jacquelin Harris ~ 2010  
  Briyana Guadalupe ~ 2009  
  Amirah Garwood ~ 2008  
  Naomi Rahn ~ 2007  
  Raquel Winchester ~ 2006  
  Esonica Veira ~ 2005  
  Nicola Dalrymple ~ 2004  
  Tatiana McConnico ~ 2003  
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