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Esonica Veira, a sixteen-year-old dancer from the US Virgin Islands, wascrowned the most talented teen in the world on July 30, 2005, and Miss 2005 Hal Jackson's Talented Teens International®, at the Scholarship Program's 35 th anniversary competition, held at the Royale Casino Theater in St. Martin/St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles on July 30, 2005 .

Veira performed a thrilling tribute to Michael Jackson in a specially choreographed dance number set to several of his hit tunes, raced away with the title, beating out 34 other young ladies, ages 13-17, who flew in from various parts of the Caribbean, Canada and the continental United States to compete for such prizes as college scholarships, a diamond ring, and trips abroad to Europe and the Caribbean.

Her favorite subject is English because she enjoys writing and it allows her to utilize her creativity and imagination. She entered Talented Teens because it emphasizes talent and public speaking. She has learned that hard work and dedication brings positive results. Her motto is, “Think not of what I cannot do, but of what I can achieve. I will be respected if I strive for what I believe.” Esconica was chosen as the delegate with the highest points in talent and has won a $1,000 scholarship along with a $5,000 scholarship as the 2005 HJTTI winner to the college of her choice.



The 1st runner up is 15 year old Hannah Sidibe who sang “People Get Ready” and is from Los Angeles, California . English is her favorite subject because it gives her the opportunity to express her creativity through writing and explore the world through books. Her goal is to attend Pepperdine University majoring in Music with a minor in Business and Physical Education. She hopes to become a professional recording artist and a humanitarian who travels to other countries helping those in need. She entered the competition believes in what HJTTI promotes. She also mentions she'd love to win the International Title for the scholarship prize and opportunity to travel. Her motto is, “You are only as happy as you decide to be…so put on your best face and take on the world.” Hannah has won a $2,000 scholarship as the 1 st runner up and $500 as Miss Photogenic.



The 2nd runner up is Tiffany Small a 17 year-old actress from Bethlehem, Georgia . Tiffany would like to attend Gainesville College or Rutgers University where she will major in Theater to become a Film and Stage actress. Her favorite subject is Literature because writing gives her the opportunity to be creative and reading takes her away from reality. Tiffany entered the competition because she likes what it represents…talent, creativity, poise and grace and she also enjoys working with other young ladies. Her motto is “As long as I have my family, close friends and God I can do or be anything I want…the sky is literally the limit.” Tiffany has won a $1,500 scholarship.



The 4th runner up is 15 year-old Dana McKinney a modern dancer from Trumbull, Connecticut . Her favorite in school is Math especially Algebra because she enjoys problem solving. Dana is a member of Presbyterian Youth Reach Out, the National Student Leadership Conference, and the Debate Club. She would like to attend Yale University to become an Architect. She entered Talented Teens to become more outgoing and has learned that God has blessed each one of us with a special talent. It is our challenge to develop it to its fullest potential. Her motto is “Always do your best if you want to fulfill your dreams. The only failure is in not trying or giving it your best shot.” Dana has won a $500 scholarship.



The delegate with the highest grade point average is 16 year-old Renee Mehta from Lee's Summit, Missouri . Renee's favorite subject is Algebra because there is always a right answer to the question. This dancer would like to attend Kansas University Medical College where she would like to major in Pediatrics. She entered Talented Teens to showcase her strengths and improve her weaknesses. Her motto is “To never travel faster than her guardian angels can fly.” Renee is number 1 in her class size of 476 and as won a $1,000 scholarship.



Miss Personality is 13 year-old Samantha Strachan a singer from Kingston, Jamaica . Her favorite subject is history because it tells you who you are and where you have been. She would like to become an entertainer, a clothes designer and/or a lawyer after she completes college. Samantha entered Talented Teens to gain exposure and to meet other talented girls. She has learned that she has to work hard at honing her talent because there are many more very talented girls out there. Her motto is “Ambition is the gas of life; step on it! But remember to keep your foot on the brakes of self-control.” Samantha has won a $250 scholarship.



Miss Congeniality is 14 year-old Jemila Morson from The Valley, Anguilla . Technical Drawing is her favorite subject because it challenges her to think and be creative. Her future aspiration is to attend college majoring in Music Production to become an entertainer in music and/or theater. She entered Talented Teens to showcase and share singing talent. In addition she would like to use this experience to become more comfortable on stage. Jemila's motto is “Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” She has won a $250 scholarship.



Miss Creativity is Stephanie Head a 17 year old saxophonist from Nashville, Tennessee . Her favorite subject at Nashville School of the Arts is Economics because it teaches practical lessons in money management. Stephanie is a member of the Florida A&M University 's March 100 Summer Band Camp, and the girl scouts. She will attend Florida A&M University to become a Child Psychologist. Stephanie entered Talented Teens to broaden and sharpen her performance and public speaking abilities. Her motto is “To do things decently and in order.” Stephanie has won a $250 scholarship.



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