20 POINTS Judges are looking for a youthful teenage appearance.

Contestants will wear a long youthful pastel color evening gown (no ALL white, red, brown, beige, black, navy, dark purple, gold, silver or sequins), pastel color shoes (heels no higher than 2 inches). Gowns should not be low cut, strapless, backless, off the shoulder, sleeveless or shoulder less.

15 POINTS Contestant gives their name, age, city, state or country; outlines achievements in school, social, civic or community activities and plans for the future projecting good public speaking ability all done within 20 seconds.

Youthful daytime attire, either dresses, skirts, suits, short pants (no short-shorts) or other attire as indicated by TTI Director or their designees.

30 POINTS This judging segment is looking for singing, dancing, recitations or dramatic readings in good taste, instrumentalists, magicians, acrobatics or gymnasts. Modeling is not acceptable.

Material performed shall be in good taste (beware of mature or offensive song lyrics) and cannot exceed 2 minutes. Fire acts are not allowed. Instruments and any labor charges connected with transporting such instruments shall be the responsibility of the contestant. Contestants are responsible for providing talent props, musical instruments and any equipment necessary to perform their talent.


  Jacquelin Harris ~ 2010  
  Briyana Guadalupe ~ 2009  
  Amirah Garwood ~ 2008  
  Naomi Rahn ~ 2007  
  Raquel Winchester ~ 2006  
  Esonica Veira ~ 2005  
  Nicola Dalrymple ~ 2004  
  Tatiana McConnico ~ 2003  
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